Fundamentals for the Spanish language

Fundamentals for the Spanish language

The Spanish language fundamentals course is designed to help people who wish to start their learning journey of the Spanish language.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognize written texts in the Spanish language.
  • Pronounce Spanish words correctly.
  • Overcome the fear of learning Spanish as a new language.
  • Learn to properly intonate words.
  • Have an adequate foundation before learning grammar and vocabulary.

No. of Sessions: 6

Hour per session: 1 hour / 60 minutes.

To be considered:

  • Spanish 1.0 for Beginners.
  • Additional sessions: According to the student’s progress.
  • Includes a graded exam.
  • This course is a prerequisite for learning “Grammar and vocabulary in Spanish Spanish 2.0”